Partners of OCCE.2018

Austrian Federal Ministry for Education

With the digitisation strategy, “School 4.0”, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education is proposing a comprehensive concept which, supported on four pillars (1 Basic digital education, 2 Digital skills for educators, 3 Infrastructure and IT equipment, 4 Digital learning tools), will embrace the entire school career. The gradual implementation of the new subject “Basic digital education” in secondary education already started with a pilot in innovative schools of the eEducation network. Teaching professionals will be able to attend a modular course as part of their further and continuing education.
The Ministry aims to ensure that all schools have broadband and all classrooms a Wi-Fi connection by 2020/21. “Eduthek” provides a portal for digital teaching and learning materials. It bundles a number of content and media offerings, and makes them available via a central entry point.
The project „Learning to think and how to solve problems“ addresses more than 100 primary schools and 13 educational colleges to promote computational thinking.

eEducation Austria
is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education aiming the integration of ICT in schools.Primary goal of the initiative eEducation Austria of the Federal Ministry of Education is to advance digital and ICT-based competencies throughout all schools in Austria – starting from Primary schools to Upper Secondary – digital education for all!

Education Group
is a leading centre for innovation in education with longtime expertise in pedagogics, technology and media. It is both a provider and a producer of educational media and engages in media education by providing teaching materials on media literacy or by offering seminars/workshops on the use of media in the classroom in close cooperation with teacher training institutions.
Due to the fact Education Group was founded almost 30 years ago, it has built up excellent relations with policy makers, teacher training institutions, schools and educators and has always aimed to pick up trends regarding the use of technology in education.
For example, Education Group is responsible for one of the world’s largest Moodle-servers, and maintains the biggest educational server in the German-speaking world (more than 80.000 e-content resources on about 40 subject portals).
Another focus is on fostering children’s and young people’s interest in technology and science and technology and to support them in pursuing a career in that field. Schools/teachers, parents and the peers of the children are involved in that process.

Bildung Online
Association for implementation and presentation of IT-related school projects.

Linz Tourismus
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